500 Dual-Fueled Samands Join Transportation Fleet

IRAN GREEN PEN- Iran’s transportation fleet was reinforced by 500 dual-fueled Samand sedans and 34 Zamyad pickups by the end of the past Iranian year (ended March 20).
Bohlouli, head of the conversion department of gas-fueled vehicles
manufacturing factories at Iran Fuel Conservation Organization announced that so far 500 Samand sedans manufactured by Iran Khodro Industrial Group and 34 Zamyad pickups manufactured by Zamyad Co. (a subsidiary of Saipa Co.) have been converted to dual-fuel system.
“At present, only gas-fueled Samand sedans and Zamyad pickups are produced, but the process will expand to include other vehicles including Paykan, Paykan pickup, Peugeot 405, Peugeot RD and Pride too,” he added.
The official stated that technology for converting vehicles to CNG fuel has been transferred from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.
“Factors affecting conversion to gas fuel include technical aspects as well as performance of a vehicle and its high density,” he said.
Bohlouli noted that converting vehicles to CNG will reduce import costs as well as gasoline subsidies paid to car owners.

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