About Iran Green Pen

Organization of joint collaboration between CDM and the CDM website Rahyab Institute for Sustainable Development, to reflect news and reports related to sustainable development.

The website is the first place he tries to reflect the daily economic news, energy and the environment, that part of the news these areas that more closely meet the challenges of sustainable development in Iran has formally put in the hands of enthusiasts and especially journalists .

We hope that the art of journalists interested in sustainable development to achieve two-way communication, both in news and fresh and they benefit from news, pictures, media analysis and site plans in their .

  • Under the supervision of the editorial board
  • Editorial: B. Afshari, Z, AA, B feast, M Shah Hosseini, Jamshidi, S. Nasirian, violet Maassoumi
  • Photo: H. Mokhtarianpour
  • Project Management and Administrative Affairs: lotus Moezy, Parviz Karami
  • Director of Informatics: Daud Ahmadi Mons (Arvin)
  • Technical and administrative section: B. Baharlooie, F Kia Shemshaki